Heritage Brass

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Inspire Range (Screwless)

Studio Range (Screwless)

Mode Range (Screwless)

Vintage Range (Screwless)

Elite Flat Plate Range

Elite Stepped Range

Georgian Elite Range

Victorian Elite Range

Contractor Range

Primed White (Paintable)

Vegas Flat Plate Range

Ashley Norton Range

Ceiling switches & Floor sockets

Primed White (Paintable)
Suitable for Painting. 
In addition to all the elegant metal finishes offered within the Heritage electrical collection, a range of plates finished in high quality white primer is also on offer.
Designed to enable total colour co-ordination of decor schemes the front surface of these primed plates can be coloured to meet the specific requirements of users, architects and interior designers.
The primed white ranges are supplied in Grid format so that the front plates can be painted separately and then fixed to electrical component.
We reccommend that the primed plates are spray painted for a smoother finish, however paint can also be applied with brush or roller.
Any good quality paint can be applied to the primed surface to create a unique finish.