Edwardian Townhouse Renovation, London

A beautiful Edwardian building located in a pretty Thames-side town close to the city, is the stunning London Townhouse project. In 2020, the owners, Stephen and Emma of @thelondontownhouse began renovating this timeless traditional house with the direction being to subtly restore the natural features of the building, whilst retaining its natural charm and personality.

Featuring our Vintage Range, 1 Gang Rocker Switch, Double Plug Socket, 1 Gang Toggle Switch, all in a Rustic Brass finish

Giving off an understated yet classical appeal, the bedroom showcases a soft tonal colour palette of cream, beige, navy and black across wooden paneling, linen fabrics and plush soft-buttoned chairs. Each piece beautifully embraces an elegant yet long-lasting appeal that will carry through the years.

Using our charming Vintage electrical collection in a Rustic Brass finish, a crucial for this project was to remove all of the original white plastic electrical hardware in the master bedroom and update them with a more classic design, reflecting the property’s true style.

Chosen for its characterful and aged appearance, the Vintage Rustic Brass finish offsets a beautifully oxidised look to show a dark brown patina, this is then removed by hand, revealing the brass beneath, ensuring each design is completely unique.

From the white painted shutters on the windows to the contrasting navy blue throws and matt black wall lights, every element of this bedroom is aesthetically pleasing, providing an inviting space to cosy up on a cold winter’s night.

Accentuating the walls with contrasting colour, the dark tones of the electrical hardware enhances the overall look of the space and gives off an extra level of sophistication. The homeowner has opted for black switches, which work seamlessly with the brass against a light backdrop.

Thanks to the addition of Heritage Brass’ superior designs, this interior has been completely transformed with a look that is not only eye-catching but thanks to the accessory’s modern construction, will age beautifully and stay intact for years to come

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