• Heritage Brass

Heritage Brass switches provide a final touch of elegance to any interior.

Timeless designs and extraordinary finishes will leave a memorable impression. In a world driven by mass production, Heritage Brass focuses on customisation and individuality in its designs and finishes. Since each interior has its own character, we provide a wide range of styles and finishes that complement their surroundings, from the contemporary look of satin chrome, to the sophistication and charm of black nickel to the traditional values of antique brass. Illuminating your environment at the press of a switch.


Product Range

  • Studio Range
  • Vintage Range
  • Executive Range
  • Winchester Range
  • Seville Range
  • Verona Range
  • Gainsborough Range
  • Mode Range
  • Inspire Range
  • Elite Flat Plate Range
  • Elite Stepped Plate Range
  • Georgian Elite Range
  • Stylist Grid Range
  • Bauhaus Range
  • Victorian Elite Range
  • Primed White (Paintable) Range
  • Clarity Perspex Range