Cabinet Knobs

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Cabinet Door Knobs UAE

The offers a vivid selection of high-quality cabinet door knobs in various shapes, sizes, and colours. We provide a fantastic space to find the most suitable design solutions. You will obtain the perfect hardware for furnishing bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and offices. Laconic classic, sophisticated, or unusual exclusive cabinet door knobs and handles astound with variety and stunning finishing!

Wide Range of Knobs for Drawers and Cabinets

Furniture hardware is the essential structural element of wardrobes, dressers, drawers, and sashes. Correctly chosen door knobs for kitchen cabinets fulfil an aesthetic function and retain all their properties for a long lifespan. It is possible to use wear-resistant metals such as solid brass and bronze, iron, brass, and zinc. Moreover, the cabinet door knobs from are also resistant to moisture and mechanical damage, which makes them perfect for internal use.

More elegant door knobs for bathroom cabinets, made from porcelain, come in a wide range of shapes and finishes, making these products suitable for a variety of interior designs. The ease of mounting and the availability of all the necessary fixing screws and fasteners make these door knobs the perfect solution for a variety of wood, metal, and plastic surfaces. You will also be pleasantly surprised by the available collection of small and large cabinet door knobs, optimally suited to different types of furniture.

Buy Cabinet Door Knobs UAE

The online catalogue offers a variety of round and square cabinet door knobs, ring and cylindrical ones, brief classical and exclusive models for you to find the ideal product that will perfectly suit your interior needs. A wide range of materials and finishes, affordable pricing, and fast delivery across the UAE make us top experts in door hardware. Provide your home with comfort for many years by choosing cabinet door knobs from reliable and trusted manufacturers!

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